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Schools, Clubs and Civic Organizations
Associate Member - Individual business
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real estate broker)     
10 or less employees
11-20 employees
21-50 employees
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Meeting Room (hourly)
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$25.00 plus tax
Tavares Chamber of Commerce
Tavares Chamber of Commerce
We are inviting a limited group of
Tavares Chamber of Commerce
members to step up their
commitment to the organization in
order to ensure that the Chamber
can succeed in its community-
building mission of helping to
create an environment where
business and community shall
prosper. Collectively they are
known as Chamber Member

This innovative membership
category continues to evolve and
is designed to meet the
Chamber's short and longer-term
financial needs by supporting
current operations while building
resources for the future. One
result is that Chamber staff and
volunteer efforts can be devoted to
a broader range of programs that
make a real difference to our
members and the community.

The Chamber Trustees’ support
and vision will be seen in all that
we do. In recognition of their
important contribution to the
Chamber, Trustees receive
visibility throughout the year in a
range of sponsorships,
programs, and services.

We highly appreciate how
Trustees help the Chamber
succeed and believe you will find
this increased level of
involvement and visibility within
the Chamber helps our Trustees
achieve their organizational goals
as well.
Member Trustee Program
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